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Thu Jul 4 13:38:38 UTC 2019

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> I disagree. I *hated* sendmail, and most especially trying to parse the documentation and configurations. Maybe the docs have gotten better, but the configuration itself is still opaque to the point of making perl look human-readable and kid-friendly.
> /etc/mail/
>> [terrifying sendmail syntax removed]
> God!!! NO!!!! Not the .cf file's context free grammar!!! *Has visions of discrete math classes in comp sci*  *convulses, falls to the ground, the sendmail configuration emergency team quickly dresses him in his 'happy jacket with the long sleeves' and carts him off to the sendmail hospital.  Months of therapy ensues - visions of sub-domaining and header re-writing rules dance through his tormented mind... *  NOO!!!! Make it STOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!

But it was such fun back in the day (like early 90s)! Aren’t you nostalgic for it? Kind of?


Right, me neither. Every day is a day further away from sendmail and every day further from sendmail is a good day. 😃

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