Review of FreeBSD Security Advisory Process: Incl Heads Up, Dates, Etc [cont: 5599 SACK}

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Jul 4 04:06:13 UTC 2019

Continued from beginnings in:

> I don't generally document a timeline of events from our side.

There would be benefit to further transparency with
some new data fields in FreeBSD advisories,
leading to metrics analysis by userbase and project,
appropriate resource allocation efficacies, etc.

Date_Discovered: Date of original discovery by discoverer.

Date_Received: Date project received notification (or
observed any info), regardless from external or internal source.

Issue should also be posted heads up to lists at this Received
time. For apprise those users wishing or needing to performing
necessary local review and action prior to formal fix from
FreeBSD upstream. And for putting out to community the
call to fix.

Date_Advisory: Already present as "Announced:" fix.

Also ends up being a bit more efficient as fewer cycles need spent
on deciding and managing what to witholding timing sched contracts,
under whatever questionable premises readily found searching
net from thread above. To the extent any of this have possibly
applied in the past.

Heads Up on receipt, and include targeted fix timeframe guideline
for readers based on expected class of fix difficulty selected from
prior convened and published policy guide table of difficulties and

Heads Up and interim are naturally not expected to be
a polished Advisory.

> This
> particular disclosure was a bit unusual as it wasn't external but
> instead was an internal FreeBSD developer the security team often works
> with.

Seems this SACK Discovery was came from Netflix while in
that external dev role, not from in purely internal to FreeBSD
dev role. And Received was from not Netflix official team role,
but by this liason.

Fine and moot though, as datestream handling above should
apply to all cases.

> As such, our process was a bit out of sync with normal (as much as
> we have a normal with our current processes). All of that said, we got
> notice in early June, about 10 days before public disclosure.

Community can ascertain visit any needs adjustments
therein with by inclusion of dates and passthrough above.

>> Were any FreeBSD derivatives given advanced notice? If so, which ones?
> They were not. I would like to get to a point where we feel we could
> give some sort of heads up for downstream, but we aren't there yet.

Whether push, or pull via subscribe, derivative third parties
are a bit secondary to the closer FreeBSD community

ie: Does Linux Kernel push to all 1000 linux distro teams?
Probably not, a bit out of scope, so they pull (distro being the
derivative depend of kernel there).

Again mooted simplicity with better date and passthrough above.

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