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> Subject: Any chance for discard support with ext2 driver ?
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> Hi,
> I like to use ext2fs for my filesystems (other than the FreeBSD native
> filesystems, which are always UFS). But one? problem I run into is that
> FreeBSD does not yet support the discard mount option for ext2/3/4
> filesystems, affecting operational smoothness and efficiency.
> Is there any chance that the FreeBSD kernel will sometime in the near
> future support discard for ext2fs ?
I just read the man page that had discard  mount. That is a Linuxism. I
think you are asking about TRIM support. As both native file systems
already have TRIM support and the ext driver is ext2 and is mostly just
used to move files from/to Linux, I have not seen any plans to add any of
the ext4 features to the base OS. Unless you require the ability to read
the file system from both Linux and FreeBSD, ext2 is a rather dated file
system and should not be used in FreeBSD.

Are there any plans to implement ext4 in FreeBSD? Would there be license
issues (GPL2/GPL3)?

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