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Robert Huff <roberthuff at rcn.com> wrote:

> Valeri Galtsev writes:
> >  As one clever man said, you will pay, one way or another. With MS
> >  Windows system you will pay money for using it. You will also pay
> >  money for using 3rd party software - antivirus. MS is the only
> >  system vendor I know of who explicitly tells you it is not safe to
> >  use their system without 3rd party software (antivirus).
> 	A "free for personal use" edition of one of the well-known
> antivirus products was the first thing I installed on my Windows 10
> systen after the OS itself.  Elapsed time less then five minutes, and
> it auto-updates.

	ISTR reading a claim that the average time to infect an unprotected
Windows machine directly connected with an unfiltered public IP address was
rather less than that. Paranoid people (like many IT departments) set up
PCs with standardised images (with preconfigured firewalls, antivirus etc.)
on an isolated network containing only the bootstrapping service - really
paranoid people set them up by preparing a hard disc in such an environment
and installing it in the PC before it's ever connected to the internet.

> 	While this system sits behind a FreeBSD gateway that provides
> limited firewall/anti-virus protection, it's been running for over a

	That provides quite a lot if the rest of the LAN is known to be

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