Imation SuperDisk 120MB

L. Mart l__mart at
Tue Jan 15 23:31:58 UTC 2019

Hopefully, you can help me.

Yes, Imation SuperDisk 120MB is old technology. However, after a recent death in the family, I now have a need to recover important genealogy documents stored on these disks. The disks were created on an Imation SuperDisk 120MB Parallel Port Drive w/ Imation USB adapter, which is in my possession.

Mitsubishi Electric states "FreeBSD release 2.2.6 or later supports the LS-120".

There are 2 dirvers for 2.2.6-RELEASE and, 2.2.7-RELEASE, wfd (ATAPI LS-120/ZIP) driver for FreeBSD

My Questions:

  1.  Is the Imation SuperDisk 120MB supported in your current release (FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE)?
  2.  Is the driver for 2.2.6-RELEASE operable on your current release?
  3.  If not, can the driver for 2.2.6-RELEASE be updated to be operable on your current release?
  4.  Does the 2.2.6-RELEASE offer a LiveCD or does it require a full install to a HDD?
  5.  Do you have any additional thoughts to help me?

Thank you.


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