FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-amd64 "GEOM_ELI: Wrong key for d10s1d"

David Christensen dpchrist at
Sun Jan 13 22:32:17 UTC 2019


I have installed FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-amd64 onto a SanDisk Ultra Fit 16 
GB USB 3.0 flash drive:

       Welcome to FreeBSD		Boot to Multi User
       Welcome				Install
       Keymap Selection			Continue with default keymap
       Set Hostname			beastie
       Distribution Selection		lib32, ports
       Partitioning			Auto (ZFS)
         Pool Type/Disks			stripe: 1 disk
	  Virtual Device type		stripe
	  devices			da1
	Pool name			beastie_zroot
	Force 4K sectors		YES
	Encrypt Disks			YES
	Partition Scheme		MBR (BIOS)
	Swap Size			2g
	Mirror Swap			NO
	Encrypt Swap			YES
       Root password			************
       Network Configuration		em0
         Configure IPv4			YES
	  Use DHCP			NO
	  IP Address
	  Default Router
	Configure IPv6			NO
	Resolver Configutation
	  DNS #1
	  DNS #2			<blank>
       CMOS clock set to UTC		YES
       Time Zone
	Region			America -- North and South
	Country or region		United States of America
	Zone				Pacific
       Year - Month - Day		<confirm>
       Time				<confirm>
       Services to start at boot	sshd, ntpd, powerd, dumpdev
       System hardening options	clean /tmp on startup
       Add users			YES
	Username			beastie
	Full name
	Uid				<empty>
	Login group			beastie
	Invite into other groups	wheel
	Login class			default
	Shell				sh
	Home directory		/home/beastie
	Home directory permissions	<empty>
	Use password-based authentication
	Use empty password		NO
	Use a random password		No
	Password			************
	Lock out			NO
       Open shell			NO

When I boot:

       GELI Passphrase			************
       Welcome to FreeBSD		Boot Multi User
       Enter passphrase for da0s1d

What passphrase is FreeBSD asking for?  The GELI passphrase does not 
work (nor does the root password):

         GEOM_ELI: Wrong key for d10s1d


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