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> Hi,
> I am having a problem with getting the web interface to work backuppc on
> apache 2.4.  It seems that I can't get web interface to come up.... it's
> written in perl and uses mod_perl....  Does anyone have a reference to a
> quick, known-to-work, implementation of the configuration for apache so
> this works correctly?  (It seems to be easily setup up on that RH thing...
> but I like stability.... make it and forget it....)
> P.
Define the ErrorLog file in your virtualhost and look at it, or look at the
default ErrorLog file for apache. The clue is definitely there.
Alternatively, go ask your question in the backuppc mailing list, and
you'll still be required to give the specific error you are getting anyway.
That's how it's done - you give the error you are getting.

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