[OT] Rebranding Jails

Alejandro Imass aimass at yabarana.com
Mon Jan 7 19:02:06 UTC 2019

Hey there! Is that time of year for a new hot thread ;-)

Sometimes I wonder if rebranding "Jails" to something like "FreeBSD Native
Containers" would help evangelize the fact that BSD has had this for ever
and maybe perhaps of incorporating EzJail natively into the OS's core.

What I'm saying is what is the actual difference from EzJail driven Jails
and Docker for example? I have run EzJail based servers even before Docker
was around doing mostly the same stuff kids are doing nowadays with Docker.
Why can't FBSD have ready made repositories of popular stuff like
PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch etc.

Leveraging the fact that Netflix chose FBSD for some critical services
don't you think we could gain mor traction by rebranding stuff like "Jails"
and perhaps start catering to a newer crowd that is not entirely in love
with Docker and/or Kubernetes?

Anyway, just a thought and pardon any flames in advance.


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