FreeBSD-11.2 routing and networks

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> I am working on a FreeBSD-11.2p17 host where I must change the IP
> address and gateway frequently to carry out tests.  Following making
> such changes I have tried resetting the network interfaces and routing
> tables by use of the command:
> service netif restart && service routing restart &
> However, I have discovered that this does not have the desired effect
> and I am reduced to restarting the host system to make such changes.
> Is there something else I should be doing?
When you are physically on the machine's console, this is easy:
Assume your interface is called em0

ifconfig em0 down
ifconfig em0 inet n.n.n.n netmask z.z.z.z up
route add default y.y.y.y

Then run your tests.
When you reboot, the IP/MASK/ROUTE specified in rc.conf takes effect

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