12-RELEASE + Storage woes

Bob Healey healer at rpi.edu
Sun Jan 6 01:41:15 UTC 2019

I've been updating my 11.2 systems to 12 via freebsd-update.  It has not 
been a smooth process at all.  The virtual machines I did before the 
start of the new year had no issues.  I posted the other day about 
issues with a C2000 Atom and the BTX loader hanging.

Today I've run into 2 different problems.  The first is a host that hard 
resets with a hypertransport error and bad dimm when something tries to 
write to drives connected to the onboard SATA controller.  The second is 
when updating ports on a different system between the two post reboot 
freebsd-update installs, fetch is broken due to SSL problems.

I was able to work past that via pkg-static list > pkg.lst && pkg-static 
delete -f \*, doing the second install, and reinstalling all packages 
from scratch, but it was very frustrating and annoying to have to work 
through.  12.0 really feels like a late stage beta or release candidate 
with all the incompatibilities and work arounds required.

Is anyone else having similar issues, or have I just been 
extraordinarily unlucky?

Bob Healey
Obsolete Desktop Technician
Office of Research and
Scientific Computation Research Center
healer at rpi.edu
(518) 276-6022

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