Gunther Nikl gnikl at
Sat Jan 5 11:23:17 UTC 2019

Greg V <greg at>:
> It's very usable, I'm running a Wayland compositor (Weston), with
> VAAPI and Vulkan and whatnot :)

Slightly OT, but can you describe what is required to get Wayland
running? What additional software is required? Can I (still) use xterm,
Opera 12, etc?
I am interested in trying this stuff. However lacking the basics I
could not convince myself to undertake this adventure. Currently I am
on FreeBSD 11.2 (UEFI) using Xorg (1.20, patch for ports taken from
pr196678) with the modesetting driver on a Haswell system. The laptop
works with the base(!) drm without a glitch. The ports drm kmod works
as well, no idea if its preferable. I am always loading the kms module

I would appreciate any useful advices!

Gunther Nikl

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