Color Emojis in GTK+ applications?

Albert Cervin albert at
Fri Jan 4 09:40:17 UTC 2019


I am wondering how I would go about getting suppot for colored emojis in
GTK+ applications? I have installed a colored emoji font ( and done the
fontconfig configuration. Colored emojis work fine in Firefox but in GTK+
applications I only get black and white emojis. Alledgedly there should be
support in Cairo+Pango+GTK although I see now that the ports version is
1.15.12 and it seems that even though the color support was originally in
Cairo 1.15.8 it is listed in the changelog for 1.16.0 and 1.15.8 seems to
have been removed/never released. Could this be the reason?

I will try to build latest Cairo when I get home but any other pointers
would also be appreciated!

// Albert

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