Recover failed SD card

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sun Feb 24 06:53:43 UTC 2019

On 2/24/19 5:53 AM, Polytropon wrote:

> Did you ask your customer to recover from his backups?
> Yes, of course you did. :-)

"Back-what"? :)

> This will probably apply to _any_ copying tool. For things
> where dd fails, I often try dd_rescue and ddrescue

As I said I tried "recoverdisk" (which is like ddrescue, but it's in base).

> That's probably not directly possible.

That's what I though; I just gave the ML a shot.

>> The card should hold pictures, so I could go ahead with photorec once I
>> got an even partial image.
> That is the recommended approach. Maybe you can already recover
> a fraction of the images stored on the card.

Tried that before posting; it finds nothing.
To me it looks like I'm not even seeing the *first* 120 MB of the card.

> There is another possibility, but it's actually _very_ hard
> to do, and it's not guaranteed to work:
> Obtain an identical SD card. It has to be "as identical as
> possible": same control unit, same memory unit, same firmware
> revision (yes, there's "a whole computer with hard- and software"
> on that thing!). Transplant the old memory chip to the new
> card, removing its new memory chip (empty) beforehand. Then
> try another identification.
> If it's a micro-SD card, don't inhale the chip. ;-)

It's a micro-SD card and I'm not able to do this.

Thanks anyway (to you and others who answered).


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