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On 20 Feb 2019, at 13:26, Christos Chatzaras <chris at cretaforce.gr> wrote:
> On 20 Feb 2019, at 22:13, Christos Chatzaras <chris at cretaforce.gr> wrote:
>> On 20 Feb 2019, at 21:52, Cerebus <kreme at kreme.com> wrote:
>>> I have an 11.2 system with two identical SSD drives. Currently I am using rsnapshot to keep backups of the primary drive on the secondary drive, but I am interested in having the second drive have a duplicate copy of the entire file system in a bootable form, updated as the root drive is modified.
>>> How would I do this?
>>> I don’t really want a RAID0 because I want to also keep the periodic backups from rsnapshot as the drives are about 10x larger than my data.
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>> If both disks have the same size the easiest but not fastest way is to use dd:
>> dd if=/dev/ada0 of=/dev/ada1 bs=64k
> I read again your message and I see that you want to keep the snapshots in 2nd drive, so instead of using dd you can:

What I want is to copy all of dis1 to disk 2, bootable, but then for disk 2 to stay updated as new data is written to disk 1.

So, if a log file updates on disk 1, it is updated on disk 2, if not instantly, very soon.

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