Sector size change with camcontrol

Ireneusz Pluta ipluta at
Sat Feb 16 18:48:40 UTC 2019

W dniu 2019-02-16 o 18:41, Matthias Oestreicher pisze:
> As from the manual, your drive is physically a 4K drive already, even if it REPORTS to have a 
> sector size of 512 bytes. It's irrelevant what the drives reports in FreeBSD.
Matthias, thank you for your extensive explanation. That's all clear. My only point in attempting to 
change (reported) sector size is to improve performance. Wouldn't 4k seen by the OS allow to have 
higher IOPS, as compared to 512?

To make the view complete: the drives are going to run in a 24-bay backplane, as a zpool created as:
zpool create data \
     mirror /dev/label/da0 /dev/label/da1 \
     mirror /dev/label/da2 /dev/label/da3 \
     mirror /dev/label/da20 /dev/label/da21 \
     spare  /dev/label/da22 /dev/label/da23

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