FBSD On Mac Desktop Pro

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sat Feb 2 04:35:00 UTC 2019

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>Hello I have Mac Pro desktop and want to install FBSD on it. I believe it is new enough for the AMD 64
>install. What is the best way to get FBSD on my system. I have had difficulty getting the image file on a
>usb stick. Any solid tutorials someone know about? 

Unless you really really really want to run native FBSD, I'd suggest
installing Virtualbox under MacOS and running FreeBSD inside
Virtualbox.  Works great, avoids all of the hardware support issues.

I have it set up so I can ssh into the virtual FBSD box from a MacOS
terminal line, and run X programs under FBSD that use the native
XQuartz X server under MacOS.

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