Lost net connection

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at twc.com
Sat Aug 31 20:43:23 UTC 2019

> > On 31/08/2019 2:27 am, Pierre Dupond wrote:

> [...]   
> > I would be happy however if a patch is published.
> I guess all would. You should add your experience to the bug report. The more the better because it seems this bug has
> been around since 10R.

I see in other messages on this thread mention of troubles with Realtek Ethernet adapters.

So I wonder if this is related to my problems with the Realtek 8111E/8168 Ethernet that I reported previously, long ago, and are still present in 12-STABLE and HEAD as of my last update, mid-May this year.

Basically, the only good thing I got from that FreeBSD update is efibootmgr, I have not built or installed any ports.

This Ethernet runs OK in NetBSD.


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