Verry serious problem with ZFS & 12.0

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Wed Aug 28 20:45:53 UTC 2019


After update 4 servers from 11.2 to 12.0 without any problem, wait few
weeks to see if everything work well, and it did. I just upgrade my mail

During the upgrade I also upgrade all firmware for the hardware.

And now I got a very serious issue with my server. 

Configuration :

  Dell PowerEdge R740Xd with H730P, 192 Go Ram, 2 SAS mechanical disk for the system,
  2 SSD (in a zfs pool) for the mail index (cyrus), and 28 mechanical disk
  (in a second zfs pool) for the mailbox. 

The problem:

  After running few days the zfs pool with the 2 SSD are not responding. 

  The system are perfectly working. 

  The second zpool (mechanical disk) are perfectly working. 
  I got zero log, zero message in the console or in dmesg.

  The arc_size are correct, it's around 70-75 %. 

  The moment the zfs pool become not responding are random, not related to
  any activity (human or cron).

  The only option I pass for the kernel related to ZFS are vfs.zfs.min_auto_ashift=12 and 
  vfs.zfs.prefetch_disable=1. Without the second one the system no
  responding (under 11.2) when the server send (through zfs send) the data to another

  After the first problem I make a zfs upgrade, thinking maybe that's the
  problem so I'm not sure I can downgrade to 11.2 (and 11.2 are EOL) 

In your opinion :

  1/ What should I do to try to find the problem ?

  2/ Do you think that's a hardware/firmware problem or FreeBSD problem,
  the point is the second zpool are working perfectly so I'm thinking at
  some firmware/hardware/compatibility problem.


Albert SHIH
DIO bâtiment 15
Observatoire de Paris
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Thu 29 Aug 2019 12:26:55 AM CEST

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