openwebmail broke with latest update

William Dudley wfdudley at
Sat Aug 24 16:37:00 UTC 2019


Running 11.2-RELEASE-p11
and also openwebmail-2.53_4

All software is installed using pkg; I try to keep things mostly "stock" to
maintenence easy.  This is a mail and web server that I use to supply
lists to a bunch of non-profits

I just did pkg upgrade to openwebmail (and a bunch of other things) and
now openwebmail "fails" with the following message when I login to check
my mail:

Set effective gid to mail(6) failed!

A google search turns up nothing on this error.
I've been poking around in log files and reading various openwebmail docs
but nothing useful has presented itself.

Is anyone using openwebmail and can shed light on this problem?

Bill Dudley

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