Firefox or what?

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Wed Aug 21 14:54:35 UTC 2019

On Wed, 21 Aug 2019, Polytropon wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Aug 2019 17:49:02 -0400 (EDT), doug wrote:
>> I suspect you would get almost as many different historys as you have software
>> groups. By that I mean I use the base FreeBSD and xfce. As far as I can tell my
>> group is fairly small. My experience with Firefox was no issues until Xorg
>> unbundled. Then I hit a patch where the order of packages installed was
>> important. What mostly worked was (1) xorg; (2) firefox; (3) xfce. At times I
>> could not install thunderbird. All this caused by interlocking prerequisites.
> That sounds wrong. Just wrong. But I know it is possible and can happen.

My memory is that xfce's file manager (thunar) share a couple of dynamic 
libraries. xfce was happy to run with the one[s] it found. Not so with firefox. 
I ranted at the time.

>> With FreeBSD 11 I think I have thunderbird installed on my laptop. Throughout my
>> journey through FreeBSD Firefox itself has mostly worked. Flash of course never
>> worked, ditto for some videos, that never mattered to me.
> I have "Flash" working with Opera (using the Linux plugin), but not
> with current Firefox. WebM and MP4 video worked out of the box. So
> never expect "something old" to work with new Firefox, such as FTP,
> as Chrome has announced the removal of ftp:// address support, and
> I assume Firefox will follow, because "Please, we do everything you
> do, let us be the new number two!" - "Who is number one?" ;-)
>> Chrome works fine except I don't like how it does cookies.
> Personally, I never got friends with Crome or Chromium, they just
> are too... google-ish...

Chrome stores all its information in ~/.cache/chromium/Default/Cache. If you 
delete everything for all time you end up with about 100 files all named 
something like 00c6991d08e18825_0. Google-ish or scary take your pick.

>> My current issue is neither Firefox or chrome will work on one of the credit 
>> card sites I use. The issue here is something with cookie handling.
> Try Opera. Maybe that works. But... even Opera now internally uses one of "the 
> big ones" rendering engines instead its own one, so maybe it works, maybe 
> not... and without proper configuration, it's almost as unusable as Firefox or 
> Chrome (but hey, probably that is the look & feel people _expect_ from 
> "modern" web browsers, or have been trained to just accept it).

Thanks, I'll give Opera a go. In this case I'm reasonably sure it's the bank's 
IT dept keeping banking hours. Windows 10 firefox works and to the extent I can 
tell both the fbsd and windows versions store the same cookies.

>> All that said I like firefox. It would be nice if it could be less bloatish. I
>> would ever compile it to achieve that end.

I am used to the look and feel and 90+% of the time it just works. Happily disks 
are growing faster than firefox.

> You're hoping for something that will never happen. Firefox and bloat
> have been paired long time ago, and they will never part ways, I fear.

I know but I believed in the tooth fairly until I took comparative religion :)

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