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How to receive a cheque payment as fund

What matter about cheques please which SQL supported licences (apache)did I need to get the payment plus20% from the us federal reserve if I cash one with a csv in  @sam  who deleted the text which was full with instruction about how called the abuse font and what with compensation (monetary?)from the daily unpaid amount think the books are dropped and the micr line is the maximum possible cashpayment which program are to use for cashing cheques has seen that nice stand on the cheque and then was away.very awfull that the not explain you for what you get the chequebook and how many values can only be in the green  nature as eatable items like vegetable and fruits and that is the patent licence payment.from the us dollar,what about primitives who try to recognize a account number from the micr  by the abuse audio as once that drop the dollar amount in a size from the account number with copy and the mean from them by try to charge your account number for the field amount  former was this idiot(computer)by visacatd active and looks like try now to destroy the chequebusiness with his heatbased education

His voice is to hear by the value saving vs checking on www and show like happen audio and no any correct letter a problem what I see is with Gameloft who has able in her peripherie image with example Ingo money were this bastard also disturbed with full confusion to sell free games and megabytes would be good if some responsible kill this Adobe cigar player and wake up by values like we has in real dollar and eye free from the fakes who result from the compensation of the unpaid amounts more by the 3d licence payment for show vegetable in the app and that mean to the real

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