Firefox or what?

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at
Tue Aug 13 11:20:29 UTC 2019

Sadly, I don't believe you to be technically astute in that you seem to have issues with everything that work 'out of the box' in FreeBSD.  I love FreeBSD for exactly what it is:  highly stable, highly functional, properly engineered, with very few 'issues' especially all the ones that you describe as 'BAD'.  It's strange that Apple, NetApp, Isilon, Sony, etc who I consider some pretty technically astute corporations, decided to go in the direction of FreeBSD, due to the reasons I list above, and don't have these same issues.  I believe you need to troubleshoot what YOU are doing wrong.  Or, again, please do uninstall FreeBSD because you seem to be a troll and Linux fanboy.

I make my living contracting out on CentOS and RHEL.  Quite frankly, they are pathetic.  I'm happy they are so pathetic in that if it was FreeBSD, it would probably take me half the time to build, configure, deploy and get various apps working.  Also, the ongoing patching of everything?  Really?  How many bugs are found in their OS in a year? 200+  Windows, 400+?  FreeBSD < 20.  

Oh, let me guess, so few bugs because 'no one uses it'?  Yeah, heard that before.
Apologies to the list, but this guy's has been taking up serious bandwidth for the last two weeks on non-existent issues.  He makes a statement about something not working and 5-10 respond 'works for me'.  That's the pattern of a troll.  I urge everyone to please stop responding unless he can come up with specific details on how he built things, what he did, etc.  I don't believe anyone who can read could ever have these problems unless there's a scar on his head or a lobotomy puncture near his eye.

    On Monday, August 12, 2019, 11:38:10 AM EDT, hw <hw at> wrote:  

does any of the Firefox versions that can be installed with pkg
actually work?  Firefix continues to freeze, crash, being unable to
remember its settings, to not show up at all when starting it other
than in the process list, and it usually can't be killed even with
kill -9.

If Firefox is incompatible with FreeBSD, what's the alternative?
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