ipv6 and freebsd 12.0-R

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Mon Aug 12 15:17:11 UTC 2019


I want a freebsd machine acting as a router and PPPoE client to obtain its
ipv6 /64 from my ISP and dole out and route ipv6 addresses from my ipv6 /48
(also provided by/routed by my ISP).

Does FreeBSD-12.0-R need anything from the pkg/ports collection to accomplish
this end point or is everything required in base?

Is there anything within pkg/ports specifically for ipv6 that might be
desirable to have?

The machine will also be routing for ipv4, but these IPs are static. There
will need to be a mix of static ipv6 (and dynamic I guess). The other machines
on the DMZ will be dual-stack. These will definitely need "static" ipv6 
addresses as they'll eventually have external AAAA records in DNS.

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