kill -9 does nothing

hw hw at
Sat Aug 10 16:14:08 UTC 2019

Korolev Sergey <serejk at> writes:

> I don't think this is an NFS problem. I had got the same problem with
> Apache + ZFS combination (but it was an old FreeBSD version like 7-8,
> I don't remember). The main point is that the process hangs in iowait
> state, which it never will exit from. The only solution is hard
> reboot. The reason of that is rather more complicated, than just "NFS
> is bad", or "Apache is bad".

First I would need to establish whether it actually was a deadlock or
desirable behaviour which is to ensure that data doesn't get lost.  It
could also have been an incompatibility between different
implementations, or even versions, of NFS.

> This is an Open Source, and you could always help with a patch,
> extensive debug info to clarify the bug, etc, so any help will be
> appreciated.

I know how that goes: My help is so appreciated that reported bugs are
either being ignored or met with a refusal to fix them, and provided
patches that do fix the bug are also being ignored.  Same goes for
feature requests.

Help is _not_ appreciated, that much is obvious.

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