kill -9 does nothing

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at
Fri Aug 9 17:28:41 UTC 2019

 Yes, let's go with that.... NFS is bad on FreeBSD and leave it at that.
Never mind that it was developed on SunOS 3.x which was a BSD operating system.... it's just BAD....
Never mind that it's used heavily by NetApp, you know, that oh-so-small NAS vendor making huge money hand over fist with NFS... and their OS is based on FreeBSD.... it's just BAD....
Sorry... just too funny.

    On Friday, August 9, 2019, 11:14:53 AM EDT, hw <hw at> wrote:  
 Graham Perrin <grahamperrin at> writes:

> On 08/08/2019 17:05, hw wrote:
>> … Firefox has a tendency to become unresponsive. …
> Which version of the OS?

12 release

It turned out that Firefox was stuck in some kind of NFS deadlock.  I
even had to destroy the VM because it won't shutdown anymore.  NFS is
bad with FreeBSD.
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