thunderbird in German?

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Fri Aug 2 00:08:53 UTC 2019

Polytropon <freebsd at> writes:

> On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 00:15:34 +0200, hw wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a way to get the GUI of thunderbird in German?
> Yes. But it depends on the version you're using (and the same
> problem applies to Firefox). The hints I'm providing are therefore
> derived from ongoing trouble (language-wise) with Firefox, so
> check which and what applies to Thunderbird. :-)
> I'm not sure _which_ language variable has the desired effect,
> but you can try setting those (example taken from ~/.cshrc):
> 	setenv  LANGUAGE        de
> 	setenv  LC_ALL          de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LANG            de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_ALL          de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_MESSAGES     de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_COLLATE      de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_CTYPE        de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_MONETARY     de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LC_NUMERIC      de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  LANG            de_DE.UTF-8
> 	setenv  MM_CHARSET      de_DE.UTF-8
> It could also be possible that one of those (taken from
> ~/.login_conf) could be the one(s):
> 	me:\
> 	        :charset=UTF-8:\
> 	        :lang=de_DE.UTF-8:

Thanks!  IIRC, I've set 'lang' (or 'LANG') and MM_CHARSET; I'll try the
others, too.

> Additionally, check TB's configuration if you find a "built-in
> means" to select the interface language (as it seems to be now
> in FF).

I already did and didn't find anything.

> It is probably hidden somewhere in the preferences "pages" (no idea
> why "modern" software tends to make things more complicated than it
> should be).

Don't get me started on these programs ...  Nowadays, users are not
sufficiently competent to have preferences ...

> Also make sure to check it after upgrades which might cause TB to
> switch back to English (same problem with FF).
> As I'm writing this, I guess _that hint_ is the thing you should
> be looking for _first_. :-)

I haven't upgraded them, this is a new installation of FreeBSD in a VM
which I intend to use as an xrdp server for some kind of thin clients
which I haven't entirely figured out yet.  (I tried Thinstation and the
images didn't turn out bootable, apparently because I somehow cloned
only 2.5 or so of the 18GB and stuff seemed to be missing from the
images I made ...  It'll probably work sooner or later ...)

>> After installing and enabling a German language pack as an addon (not to
>> be confused with a German dictionary (which is also installed for just
>> in case)), the GUI still remains in English.
> Those add-ons don't seem to work anymore. Version mismatch
> combined with improper or missing signing (same trouble as
> in FF). It seems they aren't needed anymore.

Then why doesn't it say so?

>> Is this a general problem
>> with the language pack or something specific to FreeBSD?
> Not FreeBSD-specific. It's one of the typical problems of
> "constant change" when dealing with Mozilla software... :-/

Is there a usable alternative to Thunderbird for an IMAP client?

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