saving "zfs send" to a Windows host

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Apr 29 05:07:43 UTC 2019

Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Hm .. you might use netcat on windows to receive the bytestream.
> fire up ssh to windows, start netcat there, close session. send zfs snapshot to windows with nc, like so:
> ssh somebody at windows "ncat -l 9999 -o some-file-for-snapshot" &
> zfs .... | nc windows-host 9999

I don't like the netcat idea for the lack of authentication and access

But I think I've found a working dd implementation for Windows at which works with stdin. A quick test has
shown that the following does work:

cat r.bin | ssh winhost "b:\gw2_backup\dd bs=1M of=b:\gw2_backup\test.bin"

It creates test.bin where requested and its md5 is the same as that of r.bin.

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