saving "zfs send" to a Windows host

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Fri Apr 26 05:06:52 UTC 2019

On 25 Apr 2019, at 21:30, Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:
>>>>> I guess I need something in Windows that would accept a byte stream on
>>>>> stdin and save it to a file in b:\my_backups


> It seems to me that "CON" or "CON:" is not really /dev/stdin, it's
> rather /dev/tty. Or probably it's CMD.EXE's stdin, not TYPE.EXE's stdin.
> Whatever. 

Windows is not unix, and despite the existence of things line con: and | you can't easily transport unix flexibility onto Windows shell.

However, I believe you can install bash in Windows 10. In fact, you can install an entire linux bistro right into Windows 10.

Not sure if that will help you or not, but it might be worth losing into (I'm not a Windows person, Windows is the thing I avoid when possible).


Options include Ubuntu, Debian, and others.

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