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Christopher Sean Hilton chris at vindaloo.com
Sun Apr 21 21:35:42 UTC 2019

I'm having trouble getting FreeBSD going on my Raspbery Pi
Hardware. The Pi that I would like to use is :

   - A Raspberry Pi B+ with a manufactures stamp of "2014";

I've downloaded the image:
FreeBSD-11.2-STABLE-arm-armv6-RPI-B-20190411-r346104.img.xz from
downloads.freebsd.com [1].

I burn it to a PNY 16G MicroSD card on a FreeBSD box as follows:

   - # xzcat FreeBSD-11.2-STABLE-arm-armv6-RPI-B-20190411-r346104.img.xz \
     >     | dd of=/dev/da3 bs=2621440

That takes about 5 minutes after that I end up with: a bunch of
partitions on the micro SD card including a freeBSD mountable

So, I put that SD card into the Raspberry Pi B+ and I get the square
rainbow screen on my HDMI monitor. I have both a USB keyboard and a
mouse attached to the PI at bootup but it never leaves the square
rainbow screen.

Q: Can any FreeBSD / Raspberry Pi users tell me what my next steps

Just as an FYI, I have a second image of Debian Linux of some sort
that boots just fine on this hardware.

-- Chris



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