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On 4/16/19 9:58 AM, Gary Aitken wrote:
> On 4/16/19 5:27 AM, Polytropon wrote:
>> Depending on the kind and scope of your work, using "plain
>> LaTeX" with your editor of choice, and then simply running
>> the command "pdflatex filename.tex", could be the easiest
>> thing - less overhead, less distraction, less stuff to manually
>> adjust in the GUI. (I'm saying this as a person who does
>> 99 % of all paperwork in "plain LaTeX", with the special
>> case where LaTeX is generated automatically from special
>> tools.)
> Thanks, pdflatex is what I needed to know.

Just to mention one thing: in TeX there are two mutually exclusive ways 
to insert pictures in the document:

1. in image (jpeg, png,...) or pdf format.

2. in eps format.

In case 1. to typeset the document you use


command. Alternative: EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format is pretty 
much the same as postscript format, only it lacks finalizing page 
commands that will be added when the whole thing together with other 
content is put on particular page. To typeset document in this case you use


command which produces .dvi file which you can view, or can convert to 
postscript file with dvips command, or to pdf using dvipdf command 
(which comes with ghostscript package).

Incidentally, TeX was created as programming language to program 
typesetting machines. Do people remember such things as typesetting 

Postscript, BTW, was created as programming language to "draw" whatever 
is necessary on the printed page and is my life saver in case of 
postscript capable printers. Thanks, Adobe, I have a bunch of grudges 
about your recent licensing schemes, but I appreciate great thing Adobe 
created: postscript language.


>> On the other hand, starting LaTeX with a WYSIWYG environment
>> is nothing bad, as long as you don't look into the horror markup
>> it often tends to generate... ;-)
> Thanks for the heads-up; will check that.
> For what I'm doing I should only be adding / modifying text, so no
> additional markup.  If the tool doesn't transform existing stuff it
> might work.
> Thanks,
> Gary
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