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Tue Apr 16 11:27:42 UTC 2019

On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 20:27:24 -0600, Gary Aitken wrote:
> I know next to nothing about latex but need to mark up a latex document.
> I have a pdf output to work from, so I can use my trusty vi if necessary,
> but am wondering if anyone has other suggestions.
> In searching I found references to TeXmaker, TeXStudio and TeXworks, but
> I don't see any of those in the ports tree under textproc.

The default LaTeX distribution form is TeXlive. This is what
you should install first. If you need a WYSIWYG add-on, you
can find tools like LyX or the different TeX<somethings> you
mentioned above in the "editors" category of the ports tree.

Depending on the kind and scope of your work, using "plain
LaTeX" with your editor of choice, and then simply running
the command "pdflatex filename.tex", could be the easiest
thing - less overhead, less distraction, less stuff to manually
adjust in the GUI. (I'm saying this as a person who does
99 % of all paperwork in "plain LaTeX", with the special
case where LaTeX is generated automatically from special

On the other hand, starting LaTeX with a WYSIWYG environment
is nothing bad, as long as you don't look into the horror markup
it often tends to generate... ;-)

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