I was told to do free USB because someone is bugging me remotely how do I block them off truly I have no idea what I'm doing just know I'm hacked and don't know one thing about free bad could you help me I'm computer illerate please

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Mon Apr 15 19:29:52 UTC 2019

On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 15:02:08 -0400, Eric wrote:
> I think there was autocorrect failures in this message.
> Re: I was told to do FreeBSD because someone is bugging me remotely

To "do FreeBSD"... interesting terminology. ;-)

> how do I block them off

What kind of "remotely" is this? If it's e-mail, add a blocking
rule for that particular address. If it's something else - what
operating system are you running where someone can be bugging
you remotely?

> truly I have no idea what I'm doing just know I'm hacked and
> don't know one thing about FreeBSD

How do you know you're hacked? What are the symptoms, and on
what kind of operating system to they appear? How often? How?

> could you help me I'm computer illerate please

You can find excellent online documentation about how to obtain
and install FreeBSD. Here are a few pointers (general and more





For questions, you can contact the mailing lists depending
on the topic and scope of the problem:


There is also a web forum if you prefer this:


Plenty of other resources can be found in additional user pages
by a simple google search.

> Perhaps found out about freebsd not knowing what it is but that
> it is secure believing she will find a solution to her current
> dilemma by using it.

Yes, FreeBSD is a secure operating system.

> My two cents is that coming from computer illiteracy to using
> freebsd is going to be a steep learning curve.

No reasonable person would deny this. However, with a working
brain, and with the documentation available, anyone should be
able to install the OS and the desired software.

It's not that hard. Really.

However, after finding out what FreeBSD is, you should ask
yourself if it is the right tool to solve your current problem.
Having a virus-infected system can be cured by wiping it off
the disk and re-installing an OS like FreeBSD, but having a
physical threat to your system (like a key logger, a wireless
keyboard, etc.) can't be solved easily by just software.

If you consider your problems that eminent, you should not
hesitate to ask a skilled IT person for help - a person who
will be able to do the proper diagnostics first, and then
suggest appropriate measures.

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