question re: your system's primary use?

Dave Cottlehuber dch at
Sat Apr 13 06:08:58 UTC 2019

> Do you use your FreeBSD system as:
> [ ] server
> [ ] firewall
> [ ] development-test environment
> [ ] daily desktop (email/browser)
> [ ] other (rough detail?)

All of the above. I use an iPhone for video calls and have an Ubuntu set top box for Netflix other than that it’s pure BSD.

My main firewall is moving to OpenBSD to fiddle more with OpenBGPD and get newer pf syntax to see if I can tune better for bufferbloat.

I develop applications in erlang and elixir both available in ports and make extensive use of poudriere, jails, bhyve, and dummynet for testing, all of this running on FreeBSD ofc. I normally run current with a few patches that seem interesting, but for the last couple of months I’ve stuck to release in line with my production systems.


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