question re: your system's primary use?

Frank Fenderbender frankfenderbender at
Thu Apr 11 03:50:05 UTC 2019

Prefatory note to question (skippable)

	I am trying to assess, w/o much success, on whether development on and verification for 
	FreeBSD for software  applications is realistic.
	I realize that the 'questions' list is primarily for solving install and configuration bumps, 
	however, I trust the wealth of experience of its membership.
	If I can tally the ways to which the platform is being used, perhaps I can predict better how my time 
	would be spent in terms of configuring, tweaking, fixing, ratio'ed with time spent developing and testing 
	cross-platform/platform-independent code sets."
	My first engineering job was in 1989 at Tektronix, where we worked on the Standard Tektronix Interface (STI) 
	layered above the graphics engine on Tek workstations (613x; 43xx XD88) based in Motorola 68020/88000 
	chipsets beneath the UTek operating system, which was the Tektronix on-board hybrid-UNIX supporting 
	both 4.2BSD and System V commands.
	I was verifying that STI's Fortran-callable C and C-callable Fortran code had identical results. In a way, 
	this use is similar to what I would be using a BSD system for today.
	We used stistdio.c and stistdio.f as places where the varying Unix ioctl commands (and equivalents) 
	could be set by customers using unsupported platforms.
	Many, if not most list users' questions seem specific to build, dependency, bug or omission workarounds, 
	special-case installs, and/or conflictive add-on settings, the actual usage is a bit obscured or oft-unmentioned 
	w/r/t the question(s)/answer(s).
	So, for my "question" can you just check what use your system has for you?
	I hope to ascertain whether anyone exists is using it as I hope to, and that will tell me if I will have commonality 
	within a list sub-group? If you can suggest another list or forum, which exists for using FreeBSD desktop as 
	a development-test environment, I would be very grateful.

	Do you use your FreeBSD system as:
	[   ]	server
	[   ]	firewall
	[   ]	development-test environment
	[   ]	daily desktop (email/browser)
	[   ]	other (rough detail?)

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