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Sat Sep 29 04:23:42 UTC 2018

I am restoring a full system from backup going from ZFS back to UFS.

Found something in dmesg of interest

AVAGO MegaRAID SAS FreeBSD mrsas driver version: 06.712.04.00-fbsd
mfi0: <ThunderBolt> port 0xf000-0xf0ff mem 0xfbe60000-0xfbe63fff,0xfbe00000-0xfbe3ffff irq 64 at device 0.0 numa-domain 1 on pci9
mfi0: Using MSI
mfi0: Megaraid SAS driver Ver 4.23 
mfi0: FW MaxCmds = 1008, limiting to 128
mfi0: MaxCmd = 1008, Drv MaxCmd = 128, MaxSgl = 70, state = 0xb73c03f0
mfi0: 17018 (591494719s/0x0020/info) - Shutdown command received from host
mfi0: 17019 (boot + 9s/0x0020/info) - Firmware initialization started (PCI ID 005b/1000/9276/1000)
mfi0: 17020 (boot + 9s/0x0020/info) - Firmware version 3.460.05-4565
mfi0: 17021 (boot + 11s/0x0008/info) - Battery Present
mfi0: 17022 (boot + 11s/0x0020/info) - Package version 23.34.0-0005
mfi0: 17023 (boot + 11s/0x0020/info) - Board Revision 001
mfi0: 17024 (boot + 16s/0x0008/info) - Battery charge complete
mfi0: 17025 (boot + 16s/0x0008/info) - Battery temperature is normal
mfi0: 17026 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 09(e0xfc/s0)
mfi0: 17027 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 09(e0xfc/s0) Info: enclPd=fc, scsiType=0, portMap=01, sasAddr=5000c50096e12239,0000000000000000
mfi0: 17028 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 0a(e0xfc/s1)
mfi0: 17029 (boot + 29s/0x0002/info) - Inserted: PD 0a(e0xfc/s1) Info: enclPd=fc, scsiType=0, portMap=00, sasAddr=5000c50084ca7425,0000000000000000
mfi0: 17030 (591494782s/0x0020/info) - Time established as 09/29/18  0:06:22; (34 seconds since power on)
mfi0: 17031 (591494827s/0x0020/WARN) - Host driver needs to be upgraded to enable extended LD support
mfi0: 17032 (591494827s/0x0020/info) - Host driver is loaded and operational
mfid0 numa-domain 1 on mfi0
mfid0: 3814912MB (7812939776 sectors) RAID volume (no label) is optimal

Loader variables:

Manual root filesystem specification:
  <fstype>:<device> [options]
      Mount <device> using filesystem <fstype>
      and with the specified (optional) option list.

    eg. ufs:/dev/da0s1a
        cd9660:/dev/cd0 ro
          (which is equivalent to: mount -t cd9660 -o ro /dev/cd0 /)

  ?               List valid disk boot devices
  .               Yield 1 second (for background tasks)
  <empty line>    Abort manual input

List of GEOM managed disk devices:
  cd0 gptid/da2fc326-c377-11e8-a335-0cc47aac511e ufsid/5baebbf017da70dd gptid/c680d0e9-c377-11e8-a335-0cc47aac511e msdosfs/EFISYS gptid/926bcda2-c377-11e8-a335-0cc47aac511e mfid0p3 mfid0p2 mfid0p1 mfid0

mountroot> random: unblocking device.
Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mfid0p2 []...

How do fix the above so that the OS knows where the root is?

mfi0: 17033 (591505200s/0x0020/info) - Patrol Read started
mfi0: 17034 (591505200s/0x0001/info) - Consistency Check started on VD 00/0
mfi0: Failed to get command
mfi0: 17035 (591505200s/0x0001/WARN) - Consistency Check started on an inconsistent VD 00/0

Anything to be concerned about?

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