Please help, very important problem

Olivier Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Sep 26 02:01:08 UTC 2018


> There is a virtual server, inside is installed Freevsd 10.3.

You say thqat FreeBSD is installed in a virtual machine, what is the
host? What is the operating system of the host, what is the virtual
system used by the host?

> The server
> does not load and hangs in the AT keybord string.

I don't understand what that means. As suggested, save your screenshot
on a place like pastebin and send the link here.

Being a virtual machine, I strongly advise that you start by making a
copy of the virtual disk used by FreeBSD virtual machine (it may be a
.vdi or .vmdk file, with a big size - many GB).

Then, from the management of the virtual system, you may also try to
clone the FreeBSD virtual machine.

Also, have you made any snapshot? Have you tried to run a checkdisk on
the host system?

You could try to boot from a FreeBSD live CD to fsck check that the
virtual disk is still ok, mount it and backup your files.

Without the error message and without knowing exactely what your
configuration is, it is difficult to give a precise advice.

Best regards,


> For a month I have been
> looking for a problem, other administrators too can not understand the
> cause of the problem and decide. The server is very important documents,
> can not be restored or logged in. Where to look for the problem?
> Pls see attach file with error print screen.
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