error message with poudriere

Lorenzo Salvadore phascolarctos at
Wed Sep 19 15:01:42 UTC 2018

> > > The sad truth is that 4G isn't enough to build some ports any more. Even
> > > using 8G I have a list of ports that I build one at a time to prevent
> > > them building at the same time and consuming everything, such as llvm*,
> > > gcc*, webkit, firefox, chromium
> >
> >     I know what you mean: I have only 3.6G of RAM (and 2G of swap, but I use
> >
> >
> > only very little of it and very rarely) and llvm, qt5-webengine and openoffice
> > are my nightmares...
> With these resources you may want to reduce poudriere to using one jail
> (thus diminishing parallel build to only one). If that doesn't help, you
> really need to add RAM. Adding swap will set you back in speed
> significantly.

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I already use only one jail, but I notice anyway
that I have some parallel builds (one per cpu core I guess; I have two cpu
cores and receive messages from a "red builder" and from a "green builder").
I think that to have only one build at the time I should follow Shane Ambler's
instructions, however at the moment I do not feel the need for this: the only
long compilation time port with which I deal in poudriere is llvm (while I need
qt5-webengine and openoffice for regular use) and I have my little trick for that.

Lorenzo Salvadore.

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