Gnome and Firefox, lockd and NFS

Daniel Feenberg feenberg at
Sat Sep 15 17:55:46 UTC 2018

On Sat, 15 Sep 2018, Rick Macklem wrote:

>> Our workaround has been to move the directories .local, .config and .dbus
>> in the home directory to an NFS partition that is mounting without
>> locking, but this seems inadequate as a permanent solution.
>> Since the FreeBSD server stops responding to other clients, it seems it
>> must be a FreeBSD problem.
> I think you have a "livelock" type problem, where the client is flooding the
> server with RPCs.
> To check, you could capture packets when it happens and look at them with
> wireshark, which understands NFS RPCs well.

Can you refer me to posting with more detailed discussion of the 
"livelock" problem? A half hour with Google doesn't show anything 

Daniel Feenberg

>> Even if the Linux client (systemd?) is making
>> an improper request, it is inappropriate for FreeBSD to hang in response.
>> We also see this same result with Truenas and FreeNAS fileservers (which
>> are based on FreeBSD) but see for
>> another report related to earlier clients. A Linux NFS server does not
>> display this problem.
> Part of the problem with the NLM is that no two implementations will be 100%
> compatible, since there was never any published spec (like an RFC) for the
> protocol. Each implementation tries various tricks to make it work better.
> I suspect some change between the implementations in SL6 and SL7 triggered
> this. (Since the protocol is unpublished and fundamentally flawed, I don't try
> and fix it and just suggest the above when anyone has problems with it.)
> rick
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