Sysinstall on Laptop (Dell Inspiron 7537) [SOLVED]

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Mon Sep 10 13:39:27 UTC 2018

The bug i noticed is reported by the FreeBSD's testing stuff in the wiki here<> for the O.S. version 10.1. The anomalous / error message is very persistent in the 11.2 release, but it doesn't appear/happen each time running the setup. (By the USB stick image).
That's strange.
I have not the latest update of the BIOS (of 17 agoust 2018), but I have the "UEFI version".
Simply turing off the Laptop and switching it on after about 12 hours, the bug seems fixed.
The sysinstall is totally clean and also the dmsg.

I don't know what it depend on, probably is a good idea updating the BIOS even if FreeBSD can be installed with the UEFI version.

So thanks guys.

Lorenzo. Nel portatile non so come usare diversi tty perché il tasto F* corrispondono a Delle funzioni (volume etc).
Come hai notato il "bug" nel mio modello di Dell era già stato rilevato dagli sviluppatori, però con le ultime versioni del BIOS (rispetto a quando è stato testato, io  ho una versione del BIOS più recente), scompare totalmente, almeno se si usa la penna USB. Tuttavia nella mia configurazione con la penultima versione del BIOS, l'avviso è altalenante. Cioè se si reinstalla, può ricomparire.

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Ciao a tutti,

Thanks for the answers. Simply I didn't read there were also USB images. I found them now and I'll try.


Arrivederci Lorenzo.

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On Mon, 3 Sep 2018 18:45:33 +0000, Simone N wrote:
> i can't install FreeBSD on a Laptop without floppy and CD support.

This seems to be pretty normal for today's laptops - floppy
drives have gone decades ago, and optical media also isn't
provided generally. :-)

> If i make the boot with an external CD drive,  after booting the kernel,
> it semms some conflict with usb port
> It give me the messages:
> "uhub_reattach_port: giving up port reset:device vanished"
> uhub_reattach_port: giving up port reset:device vanished
> uhub_reattach_port: giving up port reset:device vanished
> continuosly [...]

Yes, this indicates a problem with USB, but it can be from
the laptop as well as from the optical drive. Can you try a
different drive, as well as a different USB port?

> [...] also after did the installation in the OS environment.

This is the only piece of text I don't understand, sorry. :-)

> Is
> there a way to install the OS on my Laptop ?

There are basically two ways:


Download the USB image and write it to a USB stick. Boot from
that USB stick - the laptop will have a boot sequence configured
in the CMOS setup, so check if it will try to boot from USB,
or use the boot media menu (usually PF12) to select USB when
the system starts.


Remove the hard disk from the system and use a USB<->disk adapter
to install FreeBSD to the disk, then put it back into the laptop
and have it boot. Perform all further configurations with that
installed OS.

I'd suggest you try the 1st way first - it's also a way to
verify your USB connection on the laptop is working properly.

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