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Tue Sep 4 03:01:55 UTC 2018

If your system is UEFI, I recommend rEFInd for the multi boot part

For a brief intro for boot FreeBSD in UEFI, check the next URL

En Lun, 3 Septiembre, 2018 en 14:16, FreeBSD escribió: Para: freebsd-questions at
I recently came back to FreeBSD, missing since FreeBSD 7 days.I used to multi boot, using MBR partitions.I now have a UEFI machine and a 7TB drive.Can UEFI and GPT boot from a selected partition?I tried creating multiple GPT partitions, but I don't know what I'm doing.I created a freebsd-boot partition of 300KB. But multiple root partitions seems to fail.Using FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE.

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