Media (img or iso) not working to install FreeBSD 11.2 in a old PC

Martin Paredes mapsware at
Sat Sep 1 23:41:43 UTC 2018

Which file I use?

My PC use BIOS (it is realy old), so I can not use UEFI media
I am trying to install with an usb, like I had done in the previus releases (10.X and before)

I belive that all files to install the release 11.X  are UEFI media, (made GPT partitions and a /efi subdirectory)

Since the handbook says "Additional installation files are included for computers that boot with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). The names of these files include the string uefi."
None of the files in had uefi in it's name

I only find files with uefi in it's name in release 10.4 for amd64

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