How can we use LibreOffice Base pkg?

gabor at gabor at
Tue Oct 30 19:24:07 UTC 2018

It's great. But my question is: how can I create a database with LO 
Under Linux (and maybe under Windows), HSQLDB is the built-in database
in LO. And from LO Base, I can create a new "internal" DB (using 
But I cannot create it under FreeBSD. I have LO installed. I tried to
create database, but I could not. Please try it!



I installed unixODBC and sqliteodbc, configured them, and I could 
to SQLite3's database - but only after creating it with the sqlite3 CLI.
I could not create a NEW db from Base. Virtually it works, but after a
"successful" save and exit, there is nothing in the DB.

El Mon, 29 Oct 2018 14:41:02 +0100
gabor at escribi=F3:
> Hi!
> =20
> I'd like to create some simple database with LO Base. But I cannot=20
> create
> new database, neither connect to a DBMS. I tried to install=20
> database/hsqldb,

hsqldb is not LibreOffice

pkg search hsqldb
hsqldb-2.3.4                   Embeddable SQL database written in Java

> but after installation, I could not create "internal" DB.
> =20
> Do I need to install some JDBC-driver, or what?
> =20
> I'm using 11.2 with FreeBSD-latest repo, and should not compile LO.
> =20
> Thanks,
> =20

pkg install libreoffice

Martin Paredes
Hermosillo, Son. Mexico

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