How does one become a triager?

Lorenzo Salvadore phascolarctos at
Sun Oct 28 08:54:50 UTC 2018

> > Hello.
> Hi.
> > I saw on bugzilla that some users are FreeBSD triagers. If I understood
> > correctly, this means that they try to keep the bugs database clean and
> > easy to use and they ensure that the right labels, keywords, tags etc. are
> > in the right place.
> > However, I was unable to find anywhere how does one become a
> > triager: does this work like for committers as some sort of reward or
> > is it on volunteer basis?
> I suppose you are talking about the Bugmeisters:
> So, they are FreeBSD Developers with that task assigned to them.
> > Thank you.
> > Lorenzo Salvadore.
> Best Regards,
> Alexandre C. Guimarães.

Thank you very much, indeed I had not understand that the triagers
and the bugmeisters were the same thing.

Thanks again.

Lorenzo Salvadore.

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