package : chez-scheme-9.5 : x11 dependencies : why?

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at
Mon Oct 22 15:17:51 UTC 2018

okay, so i might be getting on the nerves of some people with my 
about unnecessary dependencies, and i am really sorry about that.

i just don't seem to understand why a package like chez-scheme-9.5 has 
depend upon x11 libraries; libX11, libxcb, libXdmcp, xorgproto and 
the rest, i.e. libxml2 and libpthread are understandable, but why x11?

also, would like to know the method to find the name and email address 
a package creator/maintainer so that i can contact him/her directly, 
would be better than tormenting this mailing list, i think.  ;-)
and is it possible to accomplish the above using the "pkg" tools.



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