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Fri Oct 12 06:15:12 UTC 2018

El día Friday, October 12, 2018 a las 07:05:25AM +0200, Polytropon escribió:

> ...
> I didn't know yet of MH as a software package for dealing with
> what became famous as the "MH format" for storing messages.
> Today, many MUAs can use MH for storing, even though they have
> their own means of manipulating the files and directories that
> represent messages and mailboxes.
> Always good to learn something new, even if it's old. :-)

Btw: I'm a happy user of fetchmail / sendmail / mutt on all my FreeBSD
laptops for *many* years. 

Said that, and to learn something new, is MH what we nowadays have as
mail/nmh in our beloved ports tree?


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