Package installation under Freebsd Release 10.2

doug at doug at
Tue Oct 9 23:05:37 UTC 2018

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018, Matthias Suess wrote:

> For sure:
> root at free1:~# pkg update
> The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
> Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]:y/N
> Bootstrapping pkg from
> pkg+httpd:// please wait
> Verifying signature with trusted certificate
> done
> Installing pkg-1.10.5_3...
> Newer FreeBSD version for package pkg:
> To ignore this error set IGNORE_OSVERSION=yes
> - package: 1004000
> - running kernel: 1002000
> Allow missmatch now?[Y/n]: n
> Am 09.10.2018 um 22:25 schrieb Philipp Vlassakakis:
>> Hi Matthias,
>> the mailinglist does not support attachments.
>> Could you please copy and paste the entire error message?
>> Regards,
>> Philipp
>>> On 9. Oct 2018, at 22:19, Matthias Suess <suessmat at> wrote:
>>> Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
>>> i am using the 10.2 Freebsd version, which I freshly installed on a
>>> virtual machine.
>>> But when i try to update i get the following error message (screenshot
>>> attached).
>>> My intention would be to fix that error and work with the 10.2 version
>>> to install the xorg. Although i know, that there are more later versions
>>> available.
>>> Is there a procedure to use binary packages with the 10.2 version and to
>>> work around that error attached?
>>> I am looking forward for some answer.

I believe the question relates to the new EOL policy which says:
Each release is supported by the Security Officer for a limited time only.

The designation and expected lifetime of all currently supported branches and 
their respective releases are given below. The Expected EoL (end-of-life) column 
indicates the earliest date on which support for that branch or release will 
end. Please note that these dates may be pushed back if circumstances warrant 

Older releases are not supported and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 
one of these supported releases:

Branch        Release 	       Type 	Release Date       Expected EoL
stable/10 	n/a 	        n/a 	   n/a            October 31, 2018
releng/10.4 	10.4-RELEASE 	Normal 	October 3, 2017   October 31, 2018
stable/11 	n/a 	        n/a 	   n/a            September 30, 2021
releng/11.2 	11.2-RELEASE 	n/a 	June 28, 2018     11.3-RELEASE + 3 months
See the handbook for the full wording. This is related (in whole or part?) to 
the policy that the ports tree is now base on version and not release. I assumed 
that means ports will [should] work with any release in the same version. I can 
find nothing about setting IGNORE_OSVERSION in the handbook or in the pkg man 
page. It is not in 10.3, 11.1 or 11.2 UPDATING.

I have updated a webserver running 11.1, php7, mysql56 and apache24 just 
replying 'y' to this message.

I also would love to hear from someone who knows anything about the when and why 
of this. Because I use a FreeBSD workspace I will be build a set of things I 
used to install, e.g., mozilla.

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