Change from -STABLE to -REALEASE

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Mon Oct 8 15:26:00 UTC 2018

On 08/10/2018 15:52, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> Is there a way to change a FreeBSD NN-STABLE to NN-RELEASE?
> Asking on behalf of freebsd-update :-)

freebsd-update knows nothing about the NN-STABLE branch.  Which means 
that just running freebsd-update(8) is not necessarily going to give the 
best results.  I have vague memories of trying to do what you're asking 
(some time ago now), and I /think/ that if you use the 'major version 
bump' commandline and follow the prompts freebsd-update gives you, you 
do eventually get to something fairly similar to NN-RELEASE.  There may 
be extraneous files from NN-STABLE still hanging around.

You other alternative is to checkout the NN-RELEASE sources, build and 
install your NN-RELEASE system from source and then you should be able 
to switch to using freebsd-update(8) -- although your home-built version 
of NN-RELEASE won't match checksums properly against the official release.

In many ways it's probably easier to install a NN-RELEASE box from 
scratch and then port over the customizations and interesting data from 
your NN-STABLE box.  Assuming you have spare hardware laying around...



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