Mountd inconsistent error messages on nfsv4 mount

Felix Winterhalter felix at
Tue Oct 2 12:06:52 UTC 2018

I am currently trying to set up nfsv4 exports on one of our servers.
I found out that the mountd output for denied mount requests is a bit weird.

For example my exports file looks like this:

V4: /shareroot clients
/shareroot -alldirs clients

Which would export the shareroot to the netgroup clients.

So far so good. Mounting this directory works also fine from clients.

Now if I try to mount a directory which does not exist with a mountline
like this:

mount -t nfs4 server:/directorywhichdoesnotexist

I get an error in mountd along the lines:

mountd[8274]: mount request denied from :: for /directorywhichdoesnotexist

which is a bit hard to debug especially with multiple trees. I would
have expected mountd to know about the V4 root and printed it
accordingly as:

mountd[8274]: mount request denied from :: for

Is there any reason why it doesn't do that?

This also happens when a subdirectory does not exist. It maps the
complete tree back to / instead of the V4 root.

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