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Chris Hill chris at monochrome.org
Sat May 19 01:18:54 UTC 2018

On Sun, 6 May 2018, Roderick wrote:

> On Sat, 5 May 2018, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
>>>> I have a reasonably decent machine on which to run this, but still it
>>>> would be nice if the solution were, for example, not too heavy on the
>>>> build- and run-dependencies.
>>>> Other nice-to-haves:
>>>>   . Easy user management, ideally with self-signup
>>>>   . Use with http server of my choice, i.e. server-agnostic
>>>>   . TLS supported
>> I strongly disagree. Mediawiki is quite simple to set up, web based script
>> does all for you.
> I think, it cannot be simpler than fossil. It is very easy to build. It
> is just one executable. And the repository with the wiki is also a file
> that as such can be moved, renamed, installed on other computer
> without problem. See:
> http://www.fossil-scm.org/fossil/doc/trunk/www/quickstart.wiki

I have used dokuwiki in the past. Although it's near-trivial to get 
working, my non-technical users (which was all of them) had some issues 
with writing content.

I ended up going with mediawiki this time. It was pretty painless to set 
up and get it working, although there are still one or two 
lingering questions. I do like that its look and feel will be familiar 
to anyone who has seen Wikipedia.

Fossil is next up if mediawiki doesn't work out.

Many thanks to all who responded.

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