ssh -X remote does not work due to problem with xauth

Matthias Apitz guru at
Fri May 11 06:40:07 UTC 2018

I recompiled the port x11-servers/xorg-server with adding "--enable-xcsecurity" to the
CONFIGURE_ARGS in the Makefile and now all is fine:

$ ssh -X apitzm at s70devl
Last login: Thu May 10 19:13:18 2018 from
/usr/bin/xauth:  file /home/apitzm/.Xauthority does not exist
apitzm at srap16dxr1:~> echo $DISPLAY
apitzm at srap16dxr1:~> xclock

There was already a PR filed about this issue in

And, last word, as I suspected and proofed from the beginning: the
problem was fully LOCAL in our beloved FreeBSD.

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